Thursday, July 6, 2017


The Next Phase 

From this

To this, in 8 days.

Yes the little chick is now fully fledged (hard to believe).  He runs around on the dish towel like a little mouse looking for some place to hide.  Apparently he has not yet figured out the utility of wings.  Any day now.

Meanwhile big chick is out in the world and not looking back.  He has not been back in the nest box since he 'flew the coop' on the 4rth of July. Today was a 'day in the sun' kind of day.

Mom taking a bath

Uncle Oliver feeding big chick 

Junior (the dad) feeding big chick 

 big chick munching on the Honeysuckle blooms  

and finally, big chick eating from the seed tray (I think [s]he is going to be fine)

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