Sunday, July 16, 2017

Season of Plenty

We feed birds, intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally.  I notice now that most of the regular visitors, the chickadees, the Goldfinches, the scrub jays and others are now bringing their young to the feeder.  Chairman notices too. He wants to make a kill but he's just too old and slow now.  Still he looks longingly. 

The face of sullen patience

A spotted towhee

Gold finch family

 The scub jay chick hammering away at a sunflower seed.  Seems like more energy expended than gained.

the adult stands watch

The berries are on now.  We pick a bowl of each of blue berries and raspberries most nights then have them after dinner or with breakfast in the morning.  I have noticed robins raiding the blue berries recently.  This evening a robin brought her chick along to see how it is done.  She feasted but the chick didn't seem to get it.  I'm sure they will be back for another lesson.

Caught in the act

The three bucks are in the pasture most mornings, they seem to prefer the raspberries and fresh shoots of almost everything.  They especially like my neighbors garden, he finally broke down and built a deer proof fence.

We went for a ride out on south bank road this morning.  It was the perfect day for a ride, broken clouds, a bit cool in the morning but warm by noon.

The Cedarville volunteers have a sense of humor.  This is the USS Cedarville, launched but waiting for the tide to come in.  That's 'Station 2' in the background.

It is that time of year also

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