Monday, June 26, 2017

What a Difference ...

Well OK it is only a day since the last pics and you may not see much difference, but here at Rocky Acres it is striking.  It is clear that the older of the two chicks is going to be, well YELLOW!  Enlarge this pic and you will get a better sense of just how screaming yellow zonkers this bird is in person.

But more than just that the development seems to be coming along.  M one concern is that this chick does not stand on his feet very much.  He can perch (really has the grip) but out of the nest box he seems to spend more time on his breast than I remember the chicks in the last clutch doing. 

Chick #2 is doing her best to play catch up, though she is more fuzz ball than bird. As I see the feathers starting to develop I am starting to think that this chick too will be a yellow bird.  But see how this one is standing on open feet.

That's your chick pix for tonight.

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