Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Unplanned Parenthood

There is a story behind these pics, there's always a story isn't there?  Anyway the short version is we were not planning to raise more parakeets (just like we never planned to raise the first clutch, or to even have parakeets in the first place). 

But stuff happens, life happens so now we have two little chicks that are just now going from really ugly little quivering pieces of chicken skin to something cute and fuzzy - looking like tweedy bird with heads, eyes and feet too big for their little bodies.  I am always amazed at how fast these helpless little creatures develop.  Click on the pictures to embiggen them, you will see they are approaching the cute threshold.

The nice thing is they seem to be making it on their own, or I should say making it without any need of assistance from us.  This hen is not plucking feathers out of the chicks and their crops are usually bulging when we take them out of the nest box to check on their development.  Both have that eagle claw grip and the little one is just now developing the strength to hold his head up, that adds bonus points on the cuteness scale.

We are down to three adults in the cage now, and they are various shades of green, nice but sort of boring.  It is too early to say with confidence but it appears that the little bird may turn out blue, like the matriarch of the clan.  We will know within a week, that's how fast these feathers come on.

Stay tuned.

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