Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Teal over Yellow

Tonight we noticed that little bird is developing some dark green or teal in his wings, had not noticed this before today. He's also going to have that iridescent green tail that the male has.

A nice look but of course who knows how this little bird will look in a couple more weeks.

Big birds wings are all feathered out.

This is the typical look we get when we first open the nest box.

When we 'put them to bed', rather than depositing them in the nest box, tonight I put them right at the threshold to see if they would walk in.  Little bird is not there yet so I had to deposit him which is complicated by the fact that he really hangs on with his little fishhook claws.  This necessitates gently  disentangling him. not easy with two human size hands and a delicate chick crowding the nest box.  Big brother on the other hand knew what to do, he climbed in under his own power and scrambled for the farthest corner of the nest box.  Another example of this amazingly fast development.

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