Monday, October 17, 2016

The Storm of the Century

we got the tail end of Typhoon Songda this past weekend.  It was supposed to produce sustained 60+ mile per hour winds, gusts to 70 and lots of rain. We don't often see Typhoons here in the North Pacific, they tend to go east or south of us.  There was some wind, and some rain but nothing really to get excited about.  I'm not saying there wasn't weather, there absolutely was, two tornados set down in Oregon, that too is very unusual for us, but no sense trying to dramatize a Chihuahua attack. 
I feel sorry for the folks who lost property in the storm but oddly, I also feel a little sorry for the local weather men and women:  We did get the gratuitous shot of the idiot weatherman standing out in the rain, leaning slightly into the wind but to tell truth, it was at best slightly entertaining and at worst well, pathetic.  Let's face it, we get rain, and for a meteorologist it must be deadly boring to have to drone on, day after day; rain turning to showers with possible 'sunbreaks' in the afternoon - highs in the mid 50's, lows in the lower 40's.

So they can be excused for that lame imitation of the southern pros who have the drill down;  Leaning into real  hurricane force winds, gi-normous  surf crashing over a battered seawall with palm trees whipping wildly back and forth in the background. 

We get rain.  October is early for a real storm out of the North Pacific, this was sort of a 'dry run' for what may be in store.  Even year in late October I start thinking about getting through those November/December storms.  Once we make  it to January we are usually safe from flooding for another year.

By the way, sorry there are no dramatic pics, I would have had to travel in the rain for them and of course no guarantee that there would have been anything to get scared about.

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    2. Last two rando rides, I've encountered unexpected effects of hurricane Matthew. The first was a perm-pop; the second was a 210k perm, but I haven't gotten around to blogging the perm -- yet.