Tuesday, January 21, 2014

From Chick to Bird

Here is how they look now:

Chick #1:
Cick #2
Chick #3
Chick #4


They're really getting colorful now, most of the down is gone, and except for Chick#1's bald spots it is pretty easy to see what they are going to look like.
Chick #1 has changed the game: When I came home from work she was in the upper part of the cage with Kermit and I think she had been there most of the day.  She sort of chases pop around and pesters him to feed her, I think it is working.  The other three stay down in the little plastic shoe box we fixed up for them and just trill an trill for him to come down and feed them.  It sounds like a bunch of tiny high pitched police whistles, the meaning is all to clear.  #2 sits up on the perch I placed just above the plastic box and I think when he comes down to feed them she mugs him before he gets to the two little ones (we call them the twins) down in the box.  How do I know this is happening?  Though I was not home today to see, there is some evidence:
I weighed them when I got home and #s 1 and 2 had gained a gram each. #3 was even and #4 had lost a gram.  Fortunately the twins are big eaters when I hand feed and after the feeding #1 had gained 1 gram, #2 stayed even, #3 gained 3 grams, and #4 gained 4 grams. Pretty clearly the bigger chicks are getting more chow from dad.  I'm hoping they all start transitioning to seed and pellets. Theoretically they should be weaned on to solid food by 6 weeks, though they say all the chicks do this on their own schedule.  Today #2 is 4 weeks old.  The twins will reach 4 weeks on Thursday and Saturday respectively. 
I don't think of #1 as a chick any more, she's now a juvenile, or young bird in my mind.  She flew away from Mrs Dr C tonight when we were feeding, you really gotta keep a hand on her now, a baby no longer. 

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