Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eating = Growing

They've been doing a pretty good job of eating, and so they have been getting bigger.  Nice to see them going so quickly from fuzz to feathers. 
This hand feeding business is still no love fest.  They all resist being restrained to some degee.  #1 is the most desparate fighter, I assume it is because he probably associates feeding with lots of pain and terror.  He fights, and squirms, and squawks and bites, HARD!  He even bites the baby spoon, I worry he'll chip his little beak.  We'll just have to be more patient with him and give him a little extra cuddle time, Mrs Dr C has that down.  Interesting the two youngest ones, #3 and #4 (we call them the twins because they look a lot alike) are doing a better job of eating than their older sibs, #1 and #2.  After feeding tonight #3 hit 40 grams, the first to break out of the 30's, and they were both heavier than #1 and #2.  

You can see that #1 is rapidly growing feathers on the back of his head and neck where mom plucked him bald. 

I think he'll be all beautiful by give away time (late March) at least I hope.  Whoever gets him is going to have to be a very special person.  I think they are all going to have the coloring of Mr Greenburg, no blue birds in this batch, just variations of green.  Be sure to click on the pics, the colors come out a lot better in the enlarged pics.

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