Sunday, December 22, 2013

Post Solstice

Now we are on the other side of the solstice.  Most people think of this as the start of winter, the official begining of crappy weather, salt on the walkway, icicles pulling the rain gutters down, and wet wool sox.  

It all sounds a bit dismal, but there is an upside: from here on out the days get longer!  Well not actually, still only 24 hours and all but the daylight hours expand, which for me is the best part of winter.

My day started at the mens breakfast at our church.  Some weeks ago the pastor had asked if I would give a brief talk about what else; bicycles.  I told him I'd be happy to and in preparation I went to my favorite bike shop, told them what I was up to, and asked if I could borrow a bike for show and tell.  I chose a moderately priced comfort bike to prove the point that you don't have to spend a bucket of money to get a bike well suited to tooling around the neighborhood, or anywhere.  It actually went pretty well, the guys were interested in the equipment, the technology, and riding opportunities around the county.  Breakfast was an added bonus for me because a half hour later I was rolling out on a 100K 'solstice lite' permanent with my friends Brian and John. 

We had good talks along the way, visited roads we've ridden together hundreds of times, and even did the 'Three Stooges fix a flat tire" routine in cold rain out by the steam plant.  

Coming through Bucoda we saw Santa on the fire truck delivering a little Christmas joy to some kids who must have been on the 'nice' list.  In Rainier we met up with four other riders, who were out to prove that any weather is riding weather, if you don't think about it too seriously. 

Of course in that last 40k the wind had to pay a visit.  I am always amazed but never surprised to find that the wind seems only to blow from the direction you are headed on a bike, even when you change course, why is that?  About that short daylight thing; We finished befor dark, but only just.  We said our farewells, I picked up a rice bowl at the local teriyaki shop and drove off into the dark.

Once home, Chairman T. cat was on me like a duck on a junebug.  I like to think that he just loves me for who I am, but the fact that he was home alone all day (Mrs Dr C is away visiting her family) and that I smelled like Peking Pork probably had a lot to do with his affection.

After stripping off my soggy togs and making short work of the chow I checked the nest box.  Sure enough there were now only 5 little eggs and one squirmy little bark beetle grub. 
one down (up?) and five to go 

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