Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No News

No new chick yesteday, and no new chick today. Score is still: Chicks 4, Eggs 2.
In other news, it's New Years eve.  I'll do what I can to stay up till next year, but the way I feel now it would be a miracle if I am still awake after about 9:30.
I am contemplating a ride tomorrow, it is my riding-into-the-new-year tradition.  When we lived in town I used to ride out to the Boston Harbor Marina, a little podunk mom and pop boat launch, marina, and docks at the entrance to Budd Inlet.
I would time my arrival to coincide with the local polar bear club taking their annual dip in the chilly waters of South Puget Sound.  This always puts my foolish wintry wet bike ride in perspective; at least I have a raincoat on and make attempts not to get too wet.
This is a lovely ride but most of it is my commute to work and frankly, I would not mind seeing some dfifferent country.  So I am thinking of heading west to Motesano and breakfast at the Beehive restaurant.
I realize there is a risk in planning breakfast on New Years morning, but this is a working class establishment and they are in the business of feeding folks hearty fare.  From there, maybe run back east to McCleary, and then over the river and through the woods via Malone and Porter back to home base.
Turns out that this is 101 kilometers as the crow (or the google camera car) flies.  I've thought about proving this up and proposing it as another 100Km permanent route to our permanent coordinators.  who does not need a handy 100K permanent route off the back porch in case you get down to the wire and need something handy to keep your P-12 string alive?
Or, maybe I'll sleep late and lounge around the house with Chaiman listening for the faint peeps of baby keets.  I've got the whole rest of the year to think about it.
Stupid parakeets

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