Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keet Watch 2013

Egg #1 was laid on 12/1/13.  The books say incubation ranges from 17 to 20 days, however she didn't really start setting the eggs (six seems to be the final count) until sometime after Dec 4th.  My brain tells me to be patient but my inner kid forced me to check the nest box this afternon just in case.  Because you know, she does seem to be working off her own schedule.

She's in there most of the day and night, with brief forays out to the feed tray and the water dish.  Kermit the Green sits patiently on the perch just outside the nest box hole most of the day, ... waiting.

In other, more bikish news; I'll be riding a 100Km Permanent on Saturday.  Our randonneuring club will be hosting a 200K Brevet, the Solstice ride up in north Seattle that evening, you can read about it here.  This kooky idea was cooked up a few years ago by one of our more creative members and it has become an instant tradition which is now emulated around the country, and even around the world so I hear.  It's not that Randonneurs are neccesarily pagans, we just look for good (and sometimes not so good) excuses to get out and ride our bikes. 

A few friends and I who are not up to a 90 mile drive to ride 200Km through the night will be having our own little Solstice 'Lite' event, starting from the Safeway Starbux in Centralia at 10:00am.  If you are interested in joining us, send me an email messge by 4:00pm Friday so I can be sure to have a card for you. We will be riding Permanent number 1017.  Sorry, you must be a member of Randonneurs USA to participate.  Amazingly, the weather man is predicting sunny and 75, with tailwinds the whole way, can you believe it?

By the way, I wasn't really planning on an 'extreme makeover' to this blog, I was shooting for a few tweeks, and boom!  It looked WAAAAy different, I mean like way different than this even, and with Blogger ther does not seem to be an 'undo' button.  So I would be happy to hear your feedback on how this looks now and any suggestions for improvements.  I don't think it will stay this way, but I doubt I'm smart enough to get it looking just like it used to, so what do you think?  And I apologize for the dead links to the SIR website, seems there is a problem at the rando mothership.


  1. I saw, on 'RUSA Blogs,' that there was a new 'Dr. C' blog post, so I clicked the link to check it out, of course. Immediately saw the new template, and I liked it. Then I noticed the font, and I liked it.

    Total grade -- I like it.