Thursday, December 12, 2013

'Keet Cam' Update

In case you're not sure, that's 5 eggs in the nestbox.  I don't have any idea how this is going to turn out, the book says four to eight eggs to a clutch, frankly I'd be happy if this was the last of the bunch. If nothing else, I am running out of ideas for names.  The best I can come up with now is Crosby, Stills, Nash, Young, and  ... Yankovich?

We are pretty much a one crop outfit here at Rocky Acres and the economy being what it has over the last little while we can hardly give rocks away, never mind turning a profit.  As such I am not entirely optimisting about branching out into country bred parakeets.  Somehow "Rocky Acres, Rocks and Parakeets" just does not have much of a ring to it.  

One thing Billie Holiday did which was very considerate and which I will always be thankful for was to lay her first egg on December 1st. Incubation is generally 18 days (the book says 17 to 20) so it makes it easy to remember when we might expect to start seeing chicks.  Mrs Dr. C will be away about the time the chicks should be popping out, so it looks looks like I may be doing diaper duty all by myself for a week or so.

Some of you have suggested a 'keet cam' mounted in the nest box.  Actually, Billy Holiday Sapphire is a little skittish as it is so I think we'll hold off on the live cam thing.  I'll peek in once a day and if there is anything worth seeing, I'll snap a pic for you.

Chairman T Cat continues to compete for his share of the attention; he's brought us a couple live mice in the evening this last week.  What a thoughtful cat.

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  1. Good luck! How much work to raise the hatchlings? Will they require dropper feedings?

    Demarest, NJ