Thursday, December 26, 2013

Half way there

Shows you how much I know. 

I said yesterday I thought it might be another day or two before chick number three emerged.  I was thinking that I might do some cleaning and rebedding of the nest box either today or tomorrow, (giving chick number two a little time to adjust to being a bird and not an egg first) in order to get ready for the arrival of the next couple chicks. Planning, that's just what you do while waiting for things to happen.
Both numbers one and two arrived on the 20th day of incubation. Number three arrived today, after 18 days.  Chick number four's egg was laid the day after number three, so ... perhaps there will be another new keet chick in the world tomorrow morning. The last two chicks were layed two and four days later.
It is hard to get a handle on the difference in the size of these chicks. Consider that chick #1's head is almost as big as chick #3's body, and there is only 5 days difference in their age. Chick # 6 is not likely to hatch for another 5 days.
The adults will have their hands (and beaks) full trying to keep the six little peepers fed. I ordered some feed specially formulated for feeding parents and growing chicks, both a fine pellet and a mash formula. It should arrive in a few days and I hope the adults will take to it. 

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