Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Early Morning Delivery

I was up early this morning, and in the gloam I heard Billie Holliday come out for her morning exercise and bite to eat.  Actually it is Mr Greenberg who makes the fuss whenever she is out, so ... I peeked into the nest box and what do you know!

Seeing these two chicks together makes it clear that Uno has been growing, (s)he's so much bigger than Deux. 

Jay from NJ suggested themes for bird names, thanks for that.  Actually I had considered Santa's reindeer names, since there are only 6 eggs there are certainly enough names to go around.  Your idea of famous names from the history of cycling is great, in fact I am suprised that you did not guess the origin of Big Mig, certainly someone out there knows this.

In an attempt to maintain some semblance of order in this venture, I've made up this little tutorial to keep myself strainght.
because, ... I've got a great memory, it's just short. I keep this taped to the nestbox

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