Friday, December 27, 2013

Cleaning Day

It was colder than usual this morning, heavy frost on everything.  I turned up the heat when I left the house for my morning workout at the little local gym up the road.  When I got home it was toatsy.  After my morning chores I checked the nest box;  no new chick so decided this would be a good day to do some cleaning. 

I warmed a bowl and a clean dry wash cloth in the microwave and got out the bag of pine shavings.  Once the bowl cooled down to the 90+ degree range I removed the nest box liner, chicks, eggs, and all and transferred the chicks to the warm
bowl.  As you can see, chick number 1 has his eyes open. 

They say you should protect them from bright light, but I could not see trying to do ths in the dark.  Once I had them in the bowl I covered them up so bright light exposure was limited.

The pine shavings seem to be doing their job, all the poop had gone right through to the liner so the chicks and eggs were not plastered with poop.  Not so for the liner.  Tansferring the little critters was not too much trauma, they are awfully floppy but I could see that all three had food in their crops which tells me Billy Holiday is getting her job done.  Mr Greenburg (according to the books) is helping at this stage by feeding her.  It must be so as she comes out so infrequently I don't see how she could be eating enough to feed herself and three little chicks. 

Transferring the eggs was a lttle more nerve wracking.  I have the beginning of a bit of the shakes in my hands and had nightmare visions of accidentally crushing one of the eggs in my fingers.  I used a spoon to move them to and from the nest box liner.

It all went well, not a whole lot of squawking from the parents while the brood was away. 

Some of you have commented and I appreciate that.  Look back through the posts and you will see that an anonymous poster suggsted a name for one of the chicks: Case Keenum.  So from here on out I'll be referring to chick number two as Case Keenum.  I leave it to you to help me name the other five (and to figure out who Case Keenum is).  If you have kids at home, get them involved.  No guarantees but all suggstions will be considered.  Of course, when you come to take home your cute little fully fledged young bird, you will be free to name him/her as you choose, this is just for reference while we raise them.

Hve a great day.

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  1. The name Winnie for number one was not meant to be gender specific. It was a reference to being the first (winner) to hatch and the first day of winter. P.s. enjoying the updates