Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

Here's the Christmas morning pic: 

No new chick today, but no big surprise.  Egg #2 was laid on 12/4 and hatched on 12/24, then she took a little break and egg #3 did not appear until 12/8.  Uno and Deux both hatched at about 20 days so I  expect the next hatchling to show up about 20 days later.  Possibly tomorrow, but more likely on Friday or Saturday.

My sister the farmer suggested a pic a day for a visual record of the progess and changes.  It's a good idea, so while the hen was out for her moning stretch I quickly snapped the pic above.  The chicks are still absurdly teeny, but obviously way too big to stuff back into the little bitty eggs, I guess that's progress.

Chairman is a little tuckered from all the Christmas morning excitement. 
Hope your Christmas is as blessed as ours. 


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  1. You should name one of the new birds Case Keenum.