Monday, June 10, 2013

Thanks for Asking

I'm fine, pretty much.  I've had a bit of a health problem, I've been writing  (actually writing, with fountain pens) went to a family reunion, and probably the bigger impact, I have not been out on my bike much so, all togther it means not a lot to bike blog about.

The Club (SIR) hosted the spring 600Km brevet this weekend.  It was a reprise of last year's route circumnavigating the Olympic peninsula.  A nicer route, with fewer Kms on major highways, and more Kms on the back roads skirting the foothills.

There was chat on the list in the days before that the southern between Matlock and Humptulips (seriously!) of about 40Km offered no services.  It was along here that Mrs Dr C and I set up a pop stand to hand out refreshments.  40K is not a huge distance between water stops, but I calculated that it would be mid day and the forecast was for headwind and sun, so for some, a brief stop to refresh might be a well received.

And so it was;  We had cold sodas, lots of chilled fruit (cantaloup, grapes, and orange wedges) Bananas, chips cookies, and I made a batch of cinamon rolls the night befor.

It was great to see so many riders (47 starters!) out on the road cranking out the miles. Though they had a little head wind, it was a beautiful sunny day for a bike ride.

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