Thursday, November 22, 2012


Whether this is the best of times or the worst of times, I can truly say it is a pretty good time for me.  Sure it would better if ………. well you know, we all have a wish list, part fantasy and part reality, but the truth is, much of my fate I hold in my own hands, another fact I am grateful for.   

Thanksgiving is nominally a celebration of thanks for a bountiful harvest; This morning I had a little reminder that this time of year is not so for all.  We live out in the sticks and we feed birds.  For many birds in the northern hemisphere we are now entering a time of scarcity.  

We must have had more than 100 birds at our ‘feeder’ (two pieces of scrap plywood screwed to the top rail of the fence) this morning.  The pine Siskins have really bracketed our house and usually within 15 minutes of putting out the seed we have 50 to 100 of them feasting.  Of course there are Juncos, Chickadees, and Nuthatches in the small bird mix, even a few English sparrows.  Now we are attracting flocks of Stellar’s Jays, and our resident flock of mourning doves. 

It is easy to see that the Siskins are particularly hungry;  I went out after the jays had finished shoveling it in (they feed like raiding Goths), and even as I spread seed on the feed trays many of the Siskins continued to feed, while keeping a wary eye on me. 

Chairman is thankful too, and he would like to have all these birds in for dinner.  Fortunately at this time of year, a white cat does not have much chance of putting the sneak on the birds. 

I baked dinner rolls and a couple pies, a decidedly unlucky bird is in the oven for a couple more hours.


I have a bunch of nice photos, birds, pies, and dinner rolls I was going to add to this post but, ... apparently Google only wants me to share photos if I have them on my 'Picassa' album. Funny, I don' have a Picassa album and can (apparently) no longer download from my flikr account.  I may soon be switching from Blogger to a new blogging platform.  Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated as I am close to tech illiterate.  I usually have a pretty negative reaction to this kind of economic blackmail. 

In the meantime I'lll load these photos to my flickr account and you can get to them by clicking on the slide show in the upper right corner of this blog.  Don't know if I should be thankful for Googles 'help' here or if I should be thankful that one of you will soon be sending me advice on how to solve this thorny problem. (Grrrr!)

I'm thankful that this blog has received nearly 100,000 hits, and that if this is the end of the road for the Dr Codfish Chronicles, that you stuck with me for a while and that we had a decent ride together.  

Happy Thanksgiving

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  1. I can help with the picture thing and flickr. Still works fine for me.