Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stringing the Pearls Together

Recently I made a post discussing my good fortune at riding in favorable weather which goes against the odds in November.  More recently I posted a rather weak paean to thankfulness. 

Today is Sunday November 25th, and once again I beat the bike/weather odds and


Yes, that is a photo of the big horse, out front of Starbux in downtown Olympia, on a foggy morning in late November (equipment in the background putting up the Christmas lights on the tree in Sylvester Park). Please note; not a windy, stormy, or freezing foggy morning, ... just foggy.

I mentioned that I need to string together 3 or four of these days to get through the winter relatively unscathed on my monthly rides.  Actually it's two per month as I am riding both the P-12, and the R-12.  No big deal just an extra bit of motivation to stay fit on the bike.

One imported strategy for success is to ride these things early in the month.  If you get it out of the way in the first couple weeks of the month, there is less risk that untoward events (snow, ice, or that special event your partner wants you to attend, you know, Christmas, stuff like that) will get int he way.  

Obviously, if I am riding one of these events on the last Saturday of the month I need to revisit the playbook.  I have a million excuses but they are all just excuses.  So I sent in my registration for a ride on the day after Black Friday and girded myself for a miserable day on the bike.  Sometimes you just have to put your head down and pedal.  Was it Winston Churchill who said "If you find yourself going through hell, keep going"?    

It doom and gloom right up to yesterday morning when I headed off to the start line.  Last week was a baaad week weather wise.  Records were set (2" of rain in one day in Seattle), roads and farm fields were flooded, hillsides slid into roads and rail lines.  While this may sound mildly epic to those who live in the arid southwest, truth is, it is predictable here in the PNW.

The local NPR radio station airs a segment (click the "listen" button, it's interesting) leach Friday with a professor of meteorology at UW. The guy does not just do the weather, he always gives the back story, and on my commute home from work I listened intently.  It was all about the jet stream and how it sags south through fall and winter, arriving on the west coast of North America usually in Washington State in the last couple weeks of November.  He went on to relate lots of statistics about how crappy our weather is during these two weeks.  I'm no meteorologist, just a life long native, but it's nice to know that science is catching up with what north coast natives have known for generations. 

In that light, you can understand my pleasure at riding through this:
As the day progressed I thought the fog would burn off and the sun might even make an appearance.  It came close
And then, in the last hour of the day, a patch of blue appeared.P1050969
It would have been a great day on the bike in just about any month of the year, that it was so in late November was a blessing.

PS:  many thanks to friend Lynne F of Lynnerides fame.  She gave me a tip on how to get around this photo upload challenge that Google/Blogger has decided to foist on those of us whom are marginally tech literate. I'm sort of getting it,but for me it's a challenge; I'm just slightly ahead of Elmers glue and a photo album.

Looks like you picked the bluebird day of the month to get your 200Km in, hope you are enjoying it!

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