Thursday, October 4, 2012

Studded Tires Will Not Be Needed ...

… but blinky lights may. 

We’re still having an incredible run of dry fall weather.  Great for lots of things, not so good for fire fighters.  I’ve been back and forth between eastern and western Washington a few times over the last three weeks.  Much of my old stomping grounds has been burned up by forest fires.  Inversions have caused the smoke to lay in on the country side, making for very poor air quality.  Nasty stuff.  

But for riding a bike over here on the west side of the mountains it has been sweet.  Night time temps have been dropping and the last couple nights have dipped below freezing so the tender crops are done for the year.  I picked off the last of the baby crook necks today, a couple of the tomato plants up close to the house have survived so we may still get a few more bowls of cherry toms, but it only a matter of days now.

I have a 200Km ride planned this weekend; weather man says over night temps in the mid 30’s but the day time should warm up to 72 degrees. The days however are definitely getting shorter and at my speed I’ll likely need to have lights on the bike at least for the last hour or so. 

The route heads south from Lacey through the capitol forest then through the Lincoln creek area.  Over a few short but steep hills, the turnaround point being a place called Adna, if you can call it a place.  There is a store/gas station/post office.  Then back north and about at Tenino we will be returning mostly on paved rail trail so you know that stretch is going to be flat.  A nice way to finish. 
I advertised it as a group ride; so far we will be a group of four.  This should be fun!

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