Thursday, June 7, 2012


We’ve had a ‘mild’ spring here.  Mild meaning wet, not abnormally wet, or hot, or dry.   But temps in the high 50’s and low 60’s with just enough ‘sun breaks’ mixed in to keep us from going stir crazy.  (But not sufficient that we can comfortably keep up with the lawn and the weeds).   This is what I call weed weather.  Weeds make the most of everything so when conditions are favorable, they’re through blooming and setting seeds before the ‘favored’ plants can even get a bud on.  It seems that geneticists are pre occupied attempting to create tomatoes that are juicier, or sweeter or redder:   Give me a tomato that crowds out a dandelion, that continues to pop up and produce blooms and fruit no matter how many times I run it over with the lawn mower, that needs no water, fertilizer, shade or cover.  That’s the tomato I want.

We’re going to have apples
And raspberries,

Lots of spuds and a few onions, peas, leeks, beans and onions.

Fish are doing well also,
These two are a little under the weather

It’s also the peak of the season for mice.  Most nights Chairman brings in a tiny dead mouse and lays it at my feet in the office.  He looks up at me for approval.  I give him a little chuck under the chin, or scratch his ears  and tell him softly how much I appreciate him protecting us from the furry hordes.  There’s no sense scolding him, it’s what he does.

Hunting is so good that he is once again honing his catch and release skills.  Sunday at about midnight he turned a really lively one loose in the bedroom.  We had a good chase for a half hour or so but this one was not inclined to be “re-wilded”.  So I bated a trap and in the morning found him stiff as a board but with a mouthful of cheese.  I like to think he died with a smile on his face.
Since commute to work month has passed I have not been on the bike much.  Just wrapping up a big work project with a lot of travel, and then there is running down those dandelions with the mower.  things will return to normal soon (I hope).

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