Monday, January 16, 2012

Baking Weather

A few of my 'cyclist' friends rode their bikes this weekend.  The big horse is in the shop for a major spa treatment (BIG savings on ovehaul at The Bike Stand in Olympia now!) Anyway, when there is snow on the ground I tend to think of it as baking, not biking weather.

I made my standard three loaves of SD French bread.  Normally I give these to the neighbors, so far no one has said no thanks.
It's been long enough that I thought I ought to cut one open and give it the taste test just to make sure the SD was fit for human consumption.  Part of the SD ego requires that your crumb is riddled with those big holes and tunnels so typical of classic SD French, and there is only one way to know for sure. It passed the test.
I also tried my hand at SD english muffings.  My sister has been urging me to give this a whirl.  She says they are waaay easy and waaay better than store bought.
She was right on both counts, this could be a problem.


  1. Randy's gonna need your recipe. HA HA

  2. that bread looks amazing, how could anyone say no to that?