Friday, December 9, 2011

Killah Takes a Beating

Winters are usually pretty quiet around the ranch.  Most critters seem to focus on survival; getting enough to eat while avoiding being eaten.  Chairman usually gets a few fat but slow mice through the winter (summers he brings in a lot more baby mice, baby birds, and snakes) but as for turf wars; well that’s more of a summer sport ….usually.

So it was with some surprise and dismay that we welcomed the feline Lord of the Manor through the cat door the other night bearing serious butt whoopin marks.  As a younger cat, His Imperial Immenseness did most of his fighting from the rear, meaning most of his wounds were in his hind quarters.  He either needed to get faster or bigger.

More recently his wounds are showing up from the shoulders forward.  I don’t know if he’s winning or losing but it’s clear he’s standing his ground more.  This time it looks as though he was fighting out of his weight class.  His whole face and throat was seriously scratched and his left eye was bleeding and oozing.

I gave him a once over and determined his eye injury was superficial, but he had a tender abdomen and ripped me good as I was poking around.  This usually portends a puncture wound and for cats, these are vectors for infections.  He released about a pound of hair too which is also a common response to stress.

Next morning he was really on the ropes (he’s like me, and most males I guess, a scratch and we’re on the couch, next to death) so a trip to the vet was in order.

Chairman is not a patient patient.  He’s known at the cat hospital as a terror, and they have a standing note on his chart: “Request owner to assist with exam”.  I couldn’t take him however (Mrs. C did) and he would need to be sedated anyway for a cleanup of his wounds. (Think shearing a Tasmanian Devil).  For the laceration on his throat they glued him back together.  He's been stitched up before but he doesn't go for that; he rips the stitches out quick as he can.  I’m thinking of seeing if I can get him on the family healthcare plan, I think vet rates are about 10% higher than human rates.  Those vets must have some fancy boats to pay for!

He’s home but still awfully gimpy and none too pleased to be touched.  When he’s down he does not care at all for sympathy, he just wants to be left alone (I can relate).
As you can see he’s going to have some pretty awesome battle scars.  If looks count perhaps he’ll be able to scare some of the challengers off.  

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