Monday, December 26, 2011

Chirstmas somewhere else

It was a little cooler today, barely broke 70 I think, still my kind of weather.

We had a mellow ride on Christmas, and then a peaceful walk on the beach at sunset.

Like most small towns Avila Beach closes up tighter than a clam at low tide on Christmas. We had emergency rations but I was hankering for substance.  We went in to San Luis Obispo and found the Golden Gong open and busy.  One of the few if not the only eatery open and as I said BUSY!  The wait was waaay toooo loooong, but it was the best Chinese I have had in a long time.

Isn't chinese food on Christmas some kind of tradition?


  1. I suspect that all this is being staged by the gov't somewhere in the desert of Arizona, or a secure sound stage in the American state originally known as Columbia.

    My incontrovertible proof?

    The first photo of this Dec-26th post is a repeat from the Dec-21st post.

    There also appears to be a continuity error between the first and second photos of this Dec-26th post.

    No mirror. Mirror!
    Those obvious proofs of a major conspiracy aside ... it sounds as though you and Mrs. Dr. C. took your "frivolous and fun hats" with you on this trip. Sounds fun.

    Even if it is all being done on a sound stage.


  2. Skiff:

    Nothing gets by you does it? At least here in Az on the fake moonscape sound stage the sun lamps feel like the real deal, we just can't figure out why we aren't allowed to have Chairman Meow in the pics.

    Yes, full time with the fun hats!

  3. Thanks for the beautiful slide show, Doc. I LOVE AVILA BEACH!! My uncle used to own and operate The Whale's Tail in Morro Bay and he and my aunt owned a very nice house up the hill here where we used to visit them. My father and my uncle met here many years ago in a "reconciliation" after not having seen each other for over 2 decades. I got to watch them hug, make peace with each other and got to walk hand in hand with my father and my youngest son. It will always be one of the most special days of my life. Appreciate your reminding me of it once again.