Monday, March 7, 2011

There’s time …

... if we hurry.  (you've probably heard hat joke so I'll keep this clean)

I’m happy to report that the days are now just long enough that if I go in to work early, and then head straight home after, there is ample daylight left to get a nice ride in before dark. Those of you in the southern latitudes probably have been out of the ‘after work swirling vortex’ for some time. But the lengthening daylight has come north seemingly by fits and starts.

Rando obsession aside, it’s nice to be able to get the bike ready to roll and put it away all by the light of day. Even if it is not a shorts and jersey sunny summer day, it’s nice to be able to toodle along, gawking at the spring grass moss, (pity the lawn worshippers in these parts)

 the trees recently butchered by the PUD,

and the fleeting glimpses of wild life.

So I hustled home after work and Mrs. C and I went out for an easy roll along South Bank road. (nice looking bike, er... wife!)

 This is farm country and there is an active rock quarry too, but this road is driven mostly by locals so we usually get a wide birth and a friendly wave and a smile from the farm trucks and gravel hacks. Even in my fancy pants Seattle Rando ‘bicycle sweater’.

 I like that about this country. We're lucky to have chip seal and friendly farmers as opposed to after work rush hour traffic and careless right turn commuters.

Isn’t it appropriate that Comfort Corner road is a dead end?

The sun actually broke through for a bit, though you can tell by the length of the shadow it was getting late in the day. 

There is not much bike traffic out that way so most of the wild life was pretty skittish. I missed photo ops on three herons, two bald eagles, and a red tailed hawk with a meadow vole in his clutches. None of the ducks and geese were up for a ‘sitting’.

I stretched it out a little to see if the buffalo had calved. They were way out in the mddle of their pasture (where the hay had been dumped) but it looks to me like there are calves out there.

Too bad they were not closer to the road; buffalo calves are cuter than a puppy. Unlike the wildlife, they could care less about me, noses buried in bales of second cutting alfalfa.

This is how things looked back at the ranch when I came in about 6:15. Still light … sort of.

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