Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Wind Is My Friend ...

About half the time. 

Yesterday was a cloudless sunny day here in the PNW, just like my friends at NWS said it would be. It was cloudless the night before too so when I went out at 5:45 to load the bike and warm up the truck the driveway was slick and the truck doors were frozen shut. I have a way of overcoming this problem but that’s a post for another day. I also noticed that the flying Koi wind sock was doing a lively jig, so figured I would not be alone today, but riding with (or against) my friend the wind.

I left the Starbucks in Lacey for my 100K Perm promptly at 7:00 am. It was light, sort of:

Light enough that at I could see the roads were coated in frost or ice depending in how wet they were before they froze.

It was an uneventful ride, I put in a few bonus miles when I was day dreaming and missed a couple turns. The first half was north to Tacoma and that wind was steady and building out of the north. By the time I crossed I-5 it was ripping.

I had hoped for a good push home but much of the return trip was made up of jigs and jogs through South Tacoma, and then skirting Ft Lewis. The road in back of the fort is always nice and but for a brief detour for a paving job very pleasant. The pitch up out of the Nisqually valley was killer and for the last half or so of that short steep climb I was relegated to the ’24 inch’ gear, I am surprised how much strength I have lost over the last couple years.

Through McKenna you pass a couple repurposed churches. First there is St Remington:

And then Our Lady of Bushido:

Today looks like it would have been the better day for a brevet: Sunny and no wind, however there was hard ice on the pond this morning. My next perm is tomorrow: looks like I will be getting the lead in to a cold and wet storm. Ah well, I need to test out my newly prepped Showers Pass Raincoat. There was a discussion on the randon google group recently where one person in the know suggested that ironing the fabric could somehow reinvigorate the coating that makes the water bead up. My SP jacket has lost much of it’s waterproof characteristics so I am hoping that this does the trick. They don’t give those things way these days.

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