Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Day Weekend

What a difference a day (or two) makes.

Earlier in the week the weatherman was promising rain through the week till we saw one bright spot in the forecast; sunny for SATURDAY! Here in the world of damp polar fleece and mildewed bike bags a sunny day, particularly on a weekend and especially this time of year is something that sort of leaps off the screen and pokes you in the eye.  For whatever reason, it tends to make the locals squint.

Things began heading south recently (temps dropping into the snow/slop range) so I expected that our one sunny weekend day was probably going to go the way of biopace, becoming just another silly notion.

(Disclaimer here;  I took this pic off the Daily Dose of Image site.  you'll find the link in the blog roll list to the right of this post, check it out.  I thought this was notable because when I think about how 'epic' riding around here in a little wind or rain is, I just take a peek here and realize ... I'm a wimp.)

But as it turns out, the forecast has morphed and our 'one sunny day' has grown like freshly fed sourdough starter till now it looks to be sunny(ish) for three days in a row! And not just any old three day run, three straight days on a ...


It’s Thursday now; am I jinxing the prospects for the Birkenstocks and purple sox nation here in the gray wastes of the upper left coast? Possibly, so if the current rain/snow/sleet scene slides forward to douse the weekend flare up, blame me. I won’t say I’m not superstitious, so this may be more a matter of imprudence than any allegiance to realism (or perhaps the drugs are kicking in and the demons are receding further to the back of the dark closet that is my mind).

At any rate, I sent in my apps for two perms for the three day weekend, and low!  The cards came back today (thanks guys!). So I’ll be out doing a pothole exam, hopefully measuring pothole depth with my new Rivendell solar pothole depth gauge.  Or I could just opt for a new pair of Ginormous Gran Bois white tires:

(More disclosures;  This came off Jan Heine's site, you'll also find it in the blog roll to the right, labeled 'Jan's Stuff')
 and ride right over those pot holes, not even noticing them, either blinded by the whiteness of the tire tread or cushioned by the incredible cushiness of the fat, low pressure tires.

This is gonna be good! (fingers crossed, knock wood, salt over the shoulder, all that stuff)

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