Sunday, February 27, 2011


What a difference a day makes, or in this case a week, less even. It’s the weather.

Understand, I’m not complaining about the weather, I know that ours is generally a temperate climate and many of you have it a lot worse than us. But last weekend I was riding in sunshine. Granted the day started out frosty, but it warmed up and I rode the day away in bright sunshine.

By Monday  evening it was back to rain, By Thursday we had snow and freezing temps, roads were a little dicey. Friday was a seriously wintry day; never got above freezing, snowed most of the day, of course the freeway was a skating rink (fresh snow on frozen slop). We took the back road home from work, the little Subaru did just fine. 

Yesterday (Saturday) not so bad, still freezing but no more snow … until last night. We woke up this morning (Sunday) to a couple 3 more inches of snow.

But the temp started rising, snow turned to rain, and raining all day, it’s sloppy out there now.

Poor fish!

A week and a half ago the pond water temperature was in the upper 40’s and the fish would come to the surface begging food when they saw me. Now there is a sheet of ice on the surface, topped with a couple inches of slop. I feel for them, they are all just lying on the bottom; it’s got to be cold down there.

If April is the cruelest month, then February must just be Jimmy Cagney: a short guy trying to prove tough.
I didn't ride this weekend but I know of a few who were out on the roads trying to preserve that string of R-12 rides, .... Ouch!

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