Monday, January 17, 2011

Back to normal

Overnight the water from the little creek behind our house receeded so no more water over our road.  The Chehalis river flood prediction was revised to crest at Porter at 21.25 feet (flood stage there is 21 feet) at about 4:00 this afternoon.

We took a little show me drive around the countryside.  Most of the low places that are usually bad were looking not too bad.  There were a few stretches of road under water but generally speaking no big deal.

It was rainy on and off but very breezy most of the day.

I moved the Koi back to the pond from the Q tank.  They are much less exposed in the pond and seem much less stressed, happier I guess if fish can be happy.

As I released fish back into the pond I noticed that the water irises are starting to sprout, and I saw in the deep tangle of old reeds three baby fish that made it through the cold snap.  They are hanging close to the underwater light in the upper pond. 

I guess it's time to prune the apple trees and start the early stages of making ready for the season to come. I know we entered the front gate of winter just a few weeks ago, but looking at the calendar, we are a third of the way to the vernal equinox, you know, where daylight and dark hours are roughly equal.  If you think of the seasons as about three months each, then it's more like making your way from one controle to the next in a brevet, and summer does not seem so impossibly far off.

Hey, I'm just reacting to what I see in the natural world, and glad to see it too!

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