Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The reproofing wax showed up today:

After work I went out looking for a good unmanned controle question for a permanent I'm putting together.  When I got home I had time to re-proof the Carradice Barley bag

Recall this is how it looked before

looks more like an original now.  The wax went on easily and I used the whole can, though I don't think I was sloppy with it. It will probably take a few days for the material to soak it up.

I also dressed up the leather findings while I was at it, they were stiff as an old boot.  For that I used Montana Pitch Blend, a product I learned about from a forest service packer.
 Should be ready to ride in a week or so but really,  I won't need the Barley any time soon, I can get by fine on shorter rides with the Acorn.
Glad I did this now, a rainstorm is no time to be fixing the leak in the roof (it's pouring as I write)

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