Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Plague Upon the Land

We are a little under the weather here at Rocky acres. Not the report I wanted to make but it is one of those things that can make everything else hard to focus on. Consider this: “Don’t think of a red ball!" ... Get my point?

I mentioned that Mrs C had a challenging road trip back to our nation’s capital; a two week stint of marathon meetings and travel, capped off with a nonstop flight home. That was on Friday (the flight home) and then by Sunday she was 'off her feed' and sliding down the slippery slope. A fever precipitated a visit to the doctor, and the pronouncement was: Whooping cough. There was a blood test and there will be a definitive diagnosis in a couple days but suffice to say, she’s got a cough, a fever, stuffy/runny symptoms, she’s ill. Others in the building I work in are also down with serious cough oriented respiratory infections. Something is ‘going around’.

During the time she was gone, I developed another sinus infection. I didn’t note it here because I really don’t want to be defined by my illnesses. This seems to be my ‘special’ power; it is the 4th sinus infection I have had since April! I went on the steroidal anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drug regime and so am in coping mode.

Maybe it’s getting into my head (metaphorically): At 5:15 this morning as I was in the shower I thought I heard her croak my name (she’s also pretty much lost her voice). I pulled back the curtain and blinked back the shampoo from my eyes: What?” I asked. “Are you going somewhere?” She queried? “Work”, I replied.

“Honey, it’s Veterans day today, no work”.

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