Monday, October 11, 2010

After the Storm

The weather man said it would be nicer on Monday and so it is.
I am pleased to report that the optimist wins round one of the fall weather related anxiety smack down. In this case it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, and not nearly as bad as was forecast. I didn't rain here all that much in terms of volume, but it was pretty steady. 

Of course good news (relatively) does not get in the way of a good story. Local news outlets made as much hay as they could with the mere threat of a weather calamity. You know the drill: A shot of a somewhat bedraggled looking news reporter standing on the banks of some local river talking about how bad it has been in the past, how bad it wasn’t this time, and how bad it could be in the future. “Bob, this spot where I am standing right now was under five feet of water in the flood of 2007. Locals say they are ready this time, back to you Bob.” What’s with those people anyway? Wouldn’t you think they’d wise up and get a decent rain coat? Those TV station nylon logo parkas are just pretty sponges.  Serves ‘em right.

We continue with the subtle accommodations around the ranch. The water temperature in the pond is in the mid 50’s now so no more of that high protein fish chow. From here on out it is wheat germ based low(er) protein food. Like going from deep fried chicken strips to rice crispies. Whether it is the temperature induced lethargy or the general unpalatability of the food, the fish are not nearly as enthusiastic in their feeding as they were in the summer.

I have also begun supplementing this daily ration with a handful of food laced with a triple antibiotic formula. They won’t get this much longer as it is a higher protein formula and it is not recommended in temps below 55°. As the water temperature drops their resistance to parasites and diseases diminishes and this prophylactic use of antibiotics is intended to support them during that period when the temps are too low for them to feed but not low enough to put the bugs into dormancy. So far everyone is looking good and with the lower temps, the algae is no longer blooming so the water is becoming gin clear.

Once the fog burned off I sat by the pond in the sun, slowly feeding the fish, the waterfall burbling in the background. It was the definition of peaceful.

The rainy cold weekend was ideal baking weather.

I made soft dinner rolls,

two batches of blueberry scones,
and three loaves of sourdough French.

That big pic up near the header is one of my better sourdough French boules. He 'stayed for dinner' so to speak, but everything else went to friends and neighbors, all of whom were pretty much smiling.

Today has bike ride written all over it. I have a ton of work to do to get ready for three events in the next two weeks. I’ll probably be at it late into the night, but I will shortly be rolling out for a little saddle time. This is one of those days that is just too nice not to spend a little time enjoying it from the seat of a bicycle.

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