Monday, July 5, 2010

One Hundred K With Friends

We pre-rode the summer series 100K today. Excellent planner that I am I cleverly left the camera in my bag in the truck. You’ll have to use your imagination

Mil, Jon, and I rolled out 9:00ish and had a pleasant ramble through the countryside under overcast skies. I like this route because it sneaks out of town for the most part over residential streets yet does not hold you hostage to a stop sign at every corner. There are a couple sections with ominous warning signs of construction and long delays. But no equipment could be found and there were no delays. Shoot there was no traffic!

Once out past the railroad tracks we entered my favorite stretch; it’s timberland, almost park like. Say what you will about the military but this property is still covered with big timber because it’s on Ft Lewis. Beautiful. For the most part the route is in good condition, we had wind for much of the way but it wasn’t as bad as yesterday.

So we (Mil, Jon and I) will be on hand to assist as you make your way around our part of the world. I’m concerned though; so far only four rides have reregistered! We’ll still put it on but perhaps this old route has lst its attraction and we should look for another populaire route. If you are thinking of riding please pre register on line (makes it so much easier for the organizer!) For the first five hundred riders to pre register … we’ll waive the fee!

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  1. Woohoo! In before the fees!