Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yutaka Moriwaki – My Hero

Yutaka is a rider from Japan, currently working his way through the Cascade 1240, grand Randoneé, a 1240 km long brevet put on by Seattle International Randonneurs which winds its way back and forth across the spine of the Cascade Mountains in Washington from north to south and then back.

As I was out cruising on the South Bank road this morning I thought about the C1200 riders. It is a beautiful, but demanding course. South bank road by contrast is dead flat, and this morning with no winds and no traffic it was idyllic. This photo
does no justice to the proliferation of wild roses that crowd the road shoulder. In the next century, when photos come accompanied with fragrance then you’ll be bowled over. The scent of roses hung heavy on the air and made me stop to appreciate how sweet it is to just ride my bike. I’ve ridden the C1200 and while I envy those riders, my little roll through the countryside was pretty satisfying in its own way.

All the C1200 riders are heroes, but Yutaka has distinguished himself by grabbing more than a handful of ‘bonus kilometers’ and on the very first day!

Coming down off of White Pass heading east, Yutaka missed the Clear Lake control just below the summit of the pass. He continued on to the overnight control in Naches where he learned that he had missed a control. Randonneuring is a little like croquet in that you must go through all the controls, in order, or be disqualified. This meant that to continue on the ride Yutaka would need to turn his bike around and ride back up nearly to the summit of White Pass to get checked through the Clear Lake control and then once again descend to Naches. This he did, in the dark of night, arriving back at Naches for his rest stop at a little after 2:00am. Oh, did I mention, this was a 40 mile sojourn, one way, so tack on 80 bonus miles and most of an additional mountain pass for Yutaka, on day one.



  1. Definitely! Not to mention he had about a 20mph headwind going back up the pass and he did it with an incredibly positive attitude, stopping to take photos of the nearly full moon along the way.

  2. Yeah! ...and barefoot, ... in the snow....! Well, maybe not barefoot in the snow but this could become one of those tall tales that Yutaka will tell his grand kids a generation from now. Inspiration you can't get from a seminar or a DVD.

    Go C-1240 Riders!

    Dr C