Saturday, June 19, 2010

OBM 1000 – The Terrible Beauty

I support the OBM 1000 last week.  It was quite a ride and I am pleased to say all who started save one were able to finish. The riders were incredible and the country was as awesome as I remember it from my earlier days.  Rather than try to fluff this up I'll just give you a few of the many photos I took, enjoy:


  1. Gorgeous pics,my friend!


  2. Thanks for the relief pitch-in at Maupin
    You are "Juan in a million"

    Vinnie Pooh

  3. Codfish--

    You're tops. I feel like some of these could double as ransom photographs.

    Will you be joining us for a repeat visit to Paris next year? Love your cameo appearances on the roadway. But I know you were the one who left that dead fish in that cooler just to scare us into pedaling faster.