Friday, June 25, 2010

A Good Thing Better

Recall awhile back I posted a review of the Acorn M/L seat bag? Well, the maker, Ron at Acorn saw it and thanked me for the “well written and balanced critique”, but that’s not all. Having seen the pics he suggested a work around that is the perfect embellishment for an already great piece of equipment. Ron mentioned in his note to me that this will help carry the additional load a little higher up on the bag... très magnifique!
It is uncanny how my imaginings were so well addressed with Ron’s simple but effective, dare I say ‘elegant’ adaptation. I am always looking for ways to get more from less, admittedly the idea of a smaller bag is less stuff but I have this irrational need to tinker.

So not only did Ron send me a note, he also sent me a couple Dee rings and a link to his website showing how best to put these little gems to use. With Rons Dee rings in place it was just a hop, skip, and a jump down to the local outdoor recreational equipment store to pick up a few simple and cheap components to finish out the aftermarket modification.

With the addition of a short length of shock cord and a thirtyfive cent fixloc I had my bag McGyvered to perfection.

This is an adaptation I developed with the Caradice Barley, long ago.

It works for bungeeing on ‘Stuff’ that you’ll only need once in a while, or all at once. As I said I use a small stuff sac for things like night riding gear (the long fingered gloves, arm warmers, sash and anklets etc.) or additional rain gear. I prefer the elastic bungee over straps and buckles because A) it is easier to get stuff in and out, and B) it offers a little more flexibility with applications. I also use it as a Hooverville clothesline with the addition of a couple safety pins. I wash out my sweaty headbands, gloves and bandana’s etc in the nearest creek or convenience store faucet, and then pin them on the back to air dry. Trailer park I know but I’ve heard that Rapha is coming out with a new line this fall with just this app in mind.

The original intent of this post was to both let you know about a better mousetrap and also to turn the bright light of Codfish Industries stardom on Acorn Bags.

I would love to have to make the disclaimer that Ron at Acorn had lavished mass products on me in exchange for free (but incredibly high value) Codfish Industries praise and endorsements, but such is not the case. I really don’t know Ron any better than I know most of you. The interweb is a funny thing that way. Friends I’ve never met in places I’ve never been. Most of what I know about Ron, and the rest of you comes from the reputation you have built. Tells me despite the headlines that the world is filled with pretty good people.

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  1. That's a great tip! I've got an Acorn handlebar bag and have corresponded with Ron a couple of times. He's always a pleasure to deal with.