Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A blog post about nothing …

First, to those of you who have inquired, thanks for your concern.  I’m OK, not great but no dramatic revelations.  I did think a couple times about the message implied by following up a whiney post with a long silence, or rather  ... nothing.

The truth is there isn’t much to say. The weather is uninspiring, my riding is nearly non-existent, the pond has been giving me fits (see – weather), and my health …. well the current state of my ‘condition’ is the underlying source code for a series of ‘conditional loops’ that the ’main frame’ keeps running; Groundhog day every morning for the ‘same ole same ole’.  No need for detail, because ‘a show about nothing’ has already been done. Who’d want to write about that? Even more, who’d want to read it? Only Larry David could make it into a career.

Now if I could offer a vivid account of spurting, venous blood arcing from my veins into the damp night air, the red blinky light on my mangled bike alternately illuminating the dark pool of viscous liquid as it flows across the rain-slicked asphalt.  In the distance, yellow headlights bear down on me just as the fog of unconsciousness wraps it's shroud around my mind … well that would be 'like totally epic'.

Just a place hold here to let you know I’ll post when I have something  a bit more ‘like totally epic’ to offer.

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