Sunday, April 25, 2010

Time's Fun ...

... When You’re Having flies!

At least that’s what the frogs seem to be saying. In my case, time flies even when you’re feeling crappy.

I had a quick business trip to Las Vegas last week (business,…really!) On the plane home Wednesday afternoon I was feeling pretty worn out. Thursday morning I had a head start on a sinus infection. I was able to get in to see the Doc that morning, got some steroids, but by Friday night I was shaking like a fresh lamb in a March gale: 100+ fever with the infection blooming: sinus, lungs, and double earaches. Back to the doc (ER this time, Saturday donchaknow) so double the steroids and now that heavy duty antibacterial antibiotic.

Timing is everything; I was hoping to sneak in a 200K perm on Saturday instead of lolling in the waiting room with the other sickos.  Next week is the culmination of my last big project at work. In true rando fashion I feel like I’ll be limping in on a flat and a fiber fix spoke with a couple zip ties here and there just for good measure but I*will*make*it!

A few positives to get me through:

could be a bumper crop for the apple tree

And the Blueberries

And I am sure this Lilac would be just intoxicating ... if my smeller was not so plugged up!

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