Saturday, April 17, 2010


A couple nights ago I noticed that the frog solo in the pond had become a duet.  Both are so loud that it seems I should be able to see them with ease. You've seen those pics of big old bullfrogs, big as a Lilly pad, they sound 
Thursday when I came home they were singing away. I snuck up on the part of the pound where I thought the sound was coming from. I’m pretty hard of hearing so ‘locating’ sources of sound is a few deciles short of hopeless.  But there, under the lip of the skimmer box lid I saw a little head poking out, with two big eyes looking back at me. This little croaker is no bigger than the end of my thumb!

So Friday when I came home they were singing away, later that eveing I thought I would look a little more closely for them. I lifted the lid to the skimmer box and Voilá there they were!

Oops, I caught them in an ‘intimate’ moment. It appears that in a couple weeks we may have a 'school' of tadpoles and probably sometime this summer a 'herd' of itty-bitty frogs.

I’m not sure how this will work out, it’s like that when you upset ecology.  In other news, Spring just keeps showing itself here in so many different ways: Out at the feeder we find seasonal visitors: Band tailed pigeons and flocks of grosbeaks.

The usually suspects, the chickadees, the pine siskins, jays and sparrows are still round. In the pond, the water temp has been up and down but seems generally to be on the rise which means the fish are becoming much more active and animated, than they are starting to feed with gusto.

Sort of environmental:

If this winter you find yourself making travel plans and reservations for a trip to Europe in August, would you include travel or trip insurance? When I went in 2003 I never gave it a thought. In 2007 I did think about it but gambled. Why would insurance seem more apropos now?

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