Monday, March 22, 2010

More Embarrassing Riches

Well, the wind wasn't really all that bad, but made for a convenient boogey man to whine about.  (I'm good at that)

I mentioned at the end of my post yesterday that we now charge, march, limp, stagger, or otherwise proceed forward to the 300K.  Jasen asks if that would be the SIR 300K this coming weekend. Well once again it is the embarrassment of riches I spoke of earlier.

In the next two weekends there are four 300K events, any of which I could reasonably be expected to ride. I should probably also think more seriously about the possibilities in BC. I’ve ridden their events in the past and have enjoyed them, and riding with Roger and Ali reminded me that randonneurs of any stripe are pretty good people.

I am pretty sure you won't see me at the SIR 300K this weekend in Seattle. It sounds like a fine route but of the four it’s got a little more urban riding than the others and I prefer time on my bike in the country.

The other possibility this coming weekend is the Desert River 300. The idea of riding out to Walla Walla, then down to Pendleton, and back to the tri-cities in a 300K is intriguing. I rode Paul’s 200K a couple weeks ago and had a great time. Not sure what the winds might portend (it does get windy in Eastern Washington this time of year) but it is a good bet that the air temps will be warmer. It’s a lot farther to drive, but at least I wouldn’t be slogging through Tacoma, Seattle, and Everett. A little toodle over White Pass is much less stressful.

Then again I could skip a brevet this weekend and saddle up for Dan and Matt’s 300K in the north country on April 3rd, or ride the Three Capes, a northwest classic, already attracting lots of riders. Or, I could ride a 300K each of the next two weekends. I’m working out with weights and cardio machines but I’m also trying to ride myself into shape, so there are plenty of opportunities to pile on the miles. As was once said by a famous rando: “So many rides, so little time.” Then again, there is plenty that needs doing around the ranch, so a weekend off the bike could be well spent here.

Also, a shout out to all you riders who are packing these early season brevets. Thanks, you are helping my chances, your chances, all of our chances of getting a ticket to the big dance just by the act of riding your bicycle on an ACP brevet. Keep it up, I need all the help I can get, and I’ll keep pounding them out for you in return. All that nervous chatter about ‘what if’, and ‘what does it mean’ last winter, that’s all dust in the rearview mirror, now it’s game on!

This time of the season always amazes me, things ramp up quickly, each ride looks like another bigger wave about to break over you and, somehow you come up breathing.  Speaking of breaking waves, I was talking about this with Mrs. C yesterday and she said “I remember your first 300K.” I thought for a moment and came up empty. She reminded me that it was around Hood Canal and then through the Tahuya hills. THAT I remember. We had some incredible wind, waves were breaking all the way across the floating bridge, and there was actually a rainfall record. I usually poke fun at the overuse of the term ‘epic’ but that was one tough ride, maybe even epic.

So, what did you do for active recovery after your big weekend event on the bike? Here at Rocky Acres we made a long term investment:

That’s two pretty mature blueberry bushes from the local mom and pop nursery just down the road. If you think those are big, you’re close but a little off: They’re really big! Which of course meant that two really big holes were in order. We have fairly nutritious soil but it is seriously compacted glacial till and … rocky. I actually had to use a pick to get down where I needed to. It was worth it though, don’t they look like they belong?
(Taller than Mrs C!)

This was the bonus: another apple tree, Honey crisp.
We got our first apples off our little tree last fall and they were great, I’m not sure what variety, but I like honey crisp so I’m looking forward to great fruit for years to come.

Hope you’re having as much fun as we are!

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