Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Forgot ...

How sticky new rubber (as in tubes and tires) can be.

After last Saturdays flat tire fiasco, I put on new tires and new tubes when I got home. The new JB’s are a little hard to handle because they are so big and floppy before they are formed around an inflated inner tube. Sort of like trying to put bread dough through a key hole. And of course the brand new tubes go into the brand new tires about as easily as getting clean sox on after your shower when you have not dried your feet well enough. A dash of talc solved that problem.

Just to make sure I, took a quick spin around town. It was annoying how much gravel the sticky tires picked up and rattled through the fenders. Not all the streets in Oakville are chip sealed, there is a mix of chip seal, back top, gravel drive ways and back alleys and a few dirt roads. It’s your basic rural town, back on its heels so roads = rough. Good test bed for new tires though.

I’m planning another 200K somewhere this weekend so figured a little more riding to get the ‘new’ off the tires was in order. Light a little later now so I rode home from work today. Tires were great and the stickiness issue is gone. I didn’t time myself or check the cyclocomputer or any of that, just rolled out the miles. It was nice.

Not as nice as the weatherman promised but nice enough: The prediction was for sunny and 60 with winds out of the north. It probably didn’t break 60 and I’m sure it was sunny somewhere …else. But that wind out of the north, that was real. For my ride home north wind means a hand gently placed in the small of my back nudging me along, a free one or two additional miles per hour. Like I said, I wasn’t watching the numbers but knew I was rolling along smartly with a little less effort than would normally be required.

Spring is coming but I could tell it is still winter. We’ve got a little weather phenomena going that produces predictable results. A high pressure front is parked off the coast, this usually pushes the jet stream and it’s ‘gifts' from the North Pacific north to Canada. Good for us (no rain) probably not so much if you are in Prince Rupert or Skagway. But with the clearing skies also comes low temps. We can expect the temperature to drop to the high 20’s tonight and then the prediction is for mid to high 50’s tomorrow.

Come on earth, lean into that sun, I’m ready for more ‘solar energy’.

Hey by the way, did you check out the ‘poll’ ? 12 votes already! OK, who voted twice?

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