Thursday, March 11, 2010

Giddy with Excitement

Well, that might be something of an overstatement but I’m looking forward to the SIR 200K brevet this Saturday.

This event, affectionately referred to as the chili feed 200K has become something of a tradition on the SIR calendar. I have ridden it a few times, I believe the first time was in 2002. Then the route went out to Eatonville and back, along Kapowsin lake. It starts at the Home of Greg and Mary Cox and is famous for the great food and hospitality that the Cox’s offer both before and after the ride.

Of course there is chili but what I have always appreciated is the combination of chili and rice, well that and the warm reception. Beans and rice is a great combo for me, there must have been a Latin interloper somewhere back along the Johnson line. I don’t know about Greg and Mary abandoning us though: Sort of like when the ‘candy man’ takes a ride to the big house; who‘s going to fix our needs next spring? Actually I’d be willing; our house is pretty big, and we have the shop which we could convert to a rando salon with an extreme makeover, but I suspect Oakville is just too far for the average Seattle Randonneur to drive for the spring season starter. I’m sure someone will step forward and grab the torch.

Not sure if it is because this is purported to be the last iteration of this classic or that this is a ‘pre-PBP’ year but there are lots of people pre-registered. Last year there were just shy of 120 riders, so far there are about that many pre-registered, but that includes 20(!) or so who were out on the pre-ride last weekend.  It’ll be like STP, only with bag balm, Ensure, Hammer gel, and fenders.

So I am in that pleasant anticipation stage, I seem to have gotten my ‘frantic-last-minute-unplanned-for-work-travel’ out of the way early this week so now I can focus a little more on preparing the big horse, my ‘stuff’, and me (read more sleep!) for the event. This year I’m planning to leave a little early AND bring driving directions! What the heck, I’ll even bring my bike shoes along …what a concept.

I always appreciate the chili/rice combo, but the best parts are the warm hospitality that Greg and Mary exhibit, and seeing all the riders. Even though I am slow of late, it is still great fun to start the season (if not ride the event) with so many people at a brevet. Now days there are more people that I don’t know than those I recognize. I like that too, it is a sign of healthy sport and a healthy club. If you see me at the start introduce yourself! I’ll be wearing a yellow and black raincoat and a Giro bike helmet. Oh yeah, my bike will have fenders too.

See you out there, rain or shine.


  1. See you there!

    I'm pretty easy to find. Since it's gonna be cold I'll probably be rockin' my longsleeve RUSA wool, which (according to a coworker of mine)makes me look like Sasquatch and Wonder Woman's cycling hero love child.
    It would be mean if it wasn't kinda true. hahaha.

  2. Um, 320 did a pre-ride of the route? Crikey! That's huge!