Sunday, February 21, 2010

Exceeding Expectations

Perm 0749 did not dissapoint, it exceeded my expectations and in hindsight I'd say I had high expectations.

Olympia wakes up.  Mt Rainier looms, it will pop up throughout the ride.

Morning on Delphi

It's not just a region in France

It's also a wicked little climb

Morning lights creeps in to Cedar Creek 

Here's John starting up Ingalls.  There is a 13 mile stretch on this ride that includes Garrard, Manners, and then Ingalls, which will remind you that you have legs (or not).

At the top of Garrard.  The mountain again.  That little white plume to the right is the steamplant.  Probably 20 miles as the crow flies, but as the rando rambles, more like 50.

50 miles later, the steamplant and the mountain, different perspective.

It was cold in the morning, below freezing, but by noon it had warmed up enough that we were able to peel off a couple layers.  I still rode the day in a long sleeve wool jersey and thermal vest, but I felt great in the sun.

A note about this route:  Eariler this month we rode it the other way, clockwise.  I am certain that riding it counter clockwise is much better for me.  The last 25 miles, from Tenino in is on paved railtrails. Once out of Tenino the sun had gone down and there was just no one else on the trail.  All the climbing was behind, there are few road crossings and I was able to put my head down and hammer.  It was great to finish in a sweat.  I know I'll ride this route many more times. Josh has put together a real winner, come on down and ride it with me sometime, you won't be dissappointed!

Oh yes, the TV. 

That someone has dumped a TV by the side of the road out in the wood is unremarkable.  What IS remarkable is that I've gone by this thing three times in the last couple weeks and there it sits, still 'unmolested'.  Note that it's on Waddell Creek road, less than 1/2 mile from the rock pit where everyone from 15 miles around comes to plink, target shoot, sight in, or otherwise 'enjoy' shooting sports.  It is also less than 300 yards from a well used ORV train system in the area.  I don't mean to paint with a broad brush but I am surprized that someone has not shot it up. 


  1. I can't believe you just tipped off all of the recreational shooters and ORV users lurking on this blog as to the whereabouts of a perfectly functional target. Of course, every shooter knows you can't shoot things from a road!

    Tragically, that tv is nicer than the one sitting in my living room.

  2. DOH! How could I forget about all the recreational shooters and RV enthsiasts who lurk here on DrCC, ... MY BAD!

    Oh, and don't think I didn't swing around for a closer look at that prime find myself!

    Yr Pal Dr C