Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the blink of an eye...

... the long weekend vacation has come and gone, the holidays are light years past, and ‘next month’ is right around the corner. Or so it seems (the blink of an eye thing that is).

With February roaring down the pike I am once again thinking of another 200K permanent on the first Saturday. With that in mind I sent a ‘feeler’ out to a few friends and much to my surprise all responded with a resounding “I’m in!” Well maybe not with gusto but all had checked the calendar, finding no suitable excuses, and knew in their knees that a ride was warranted.

It looks to be a good group, a mix of more and less experienced randos, but all riders with miles and years under their wheels, all affable and easy going. Those are important traits when picking ride partners for events in February in these parts. Thin skin and quick tempers will not be useful, particularly when the elements conspire to defeat. Rain won’t keep me away, but snow or ice cancels. I don’t have studded tires and don’t fancy a ride where they would be needed.

My good friend Josh has been cooking up perm routes (while I continue to dream up routes and take no action) so we’ll give one of his Lacey routes a try. The one I am leaning toward is a southern loop over roads I am familiar with which just happens to pass within a couple blocks of Rocky Acres. We will go over Garrard creek which I have mentioned before, transit the Tono hills past the steam plant, and climb and descend our own little version of Mt Ventoux: Bordeaux hill in the Capital Forest. It’s pretty rural, my kind of ride.

Oh yes, we did have that vacation trip to the ocean. Though it was not sunny and 75 degrees, it was not nearly as rainy and blustery as the weather man had predicted.  The wind came up a bit on Sunday and I will admit to sitting and watching the waves for what seemed like hours:

It is a big ole ocean though.

I got a nice ride in, out to Taholah and back and also did much loafing, and lounging and …. eating, so more riding is definitely in order.

I also worked on a project that I hope to have come together in time to provide a little something for randos planning to ride a Fleche this spring. It’s one of those brain teasers, the concept is elegant: a simple and functional handy little tool. The production on the other hand is a mobius strip designed by Salvador Dali, and illustrated by M.C. Escher. McCubbins at the ready, hard heads may be needed to breach the fortress walls!

Back at the ranch Chairman T. Cat was pretty excited to have us home.  We walked the grounds and found evidence that the planet is definitely tilting toward the sun.  Green shoots are peeking through the duff, the water irises in the pond are sprouting, and buds appear ready to pop.  That evening I found Chairmans distant masked cousin out gorging at the bird feeder.

PS: I have talked in the past about preparing for PBP. There will come a time when I will set myself the task of doing something, small or large each day to get myself a little better prepared. Though I have not crossed that threshold yet, I was rummaging through boxes in the shop yesterday and actually did make a little headway: I stumbled across a couple French language cassettes I had forgotten I even had! They’ll go into the truck or car.   And while we are on the subject of PBP, have you seen this brochure for the PBP 2011?


  1. The wife and I started in on some French lessons too. I figured I can't just grumble and fart my way around France next year. I plan on getting into some lively debates about Burgas and Hijabs.

  2. Maybe I should learn how to spell them first.