Wednesday, January 13, 2010

False Hope

I was listening to the news this afternoon, it was about the weather: Warmer and dryer than normal, with below normal snow pack in the mountains.  clearly a 'slow news day' in these parts.

The story was about how we are entering what is known here as an El Niño event. For us this portends milder temps and dryer weather. I know I’m not supposed to root for global warming, (polar bears and all) but we’ve got this annual weekend vacation coming up and a little sunshine and milder temps would surely be appreciated.  Then I checked the weather forecast for Pacific Beach and, ... well, looks like El Niño won’t be getting here in time to save my vacation.

I am of course a little dissapointed but I can't complain too much, it is January along the North Pacific after all.   We had a fantastic trip last year.  We had recently taken delivery on Mrs C's new bike and the bikes went with us out to the beach for our mid-winter get away.  It was glorious in every way.

The place we go is the quintessential Washington coast 'resort'.  Proof that a word can have many definitions.  'Resort' these days can conjur up images of 5 star restaurants, hot stone massages and in-rooom spas.  But this old place is like a photo from my childhood, recently discovered in the back of an old desk drawer: a little curled up at the edges but still very recognizeable, and really comfortable, like old boots.

There is no TV, no radio, no computer, no telephone, just a funky old orange enamal Andy Williams ski hut style free standing fire place, a presto log dispenser, questionable hot water and one big, blue ocean to soak up all your thoughts.  The Chenille bedspread is not worn thread bare, the seagrass carpet feels good on the feet, and there is a comfortable mix of second hand store dishes, pots and pans, and mismatched silverware in the pantry.

We'll bring the bikes and I'll get a cold wet morning ride, maybe two, up to Taholah, or down to Ocean Shores.  I'll get soaked and cold then take a shower and lounge in front of the fireplace reading and listening to the wind drive rain against the window. I'll do a little more refining of my ride plans for the coming season and maybe draft outlines for a couple articles for a rando mag I write for.  I will also take a little time to contemplate Martin and what his life means to me, to us; You should too.  I like the idea of a day of service, perhaps we'll spend a little time picking up trash along the beach. I wonder what Dr King would think of our current state of affairs. Imagine what he would think about a black man sitting in the White House.  I must admit, it seems as unlikely as men walking on the moon in my lifetime, and yet both have come to pass. 
This place is not far from here, but when we do this it feels like we are really getting away, like we are going to some far off retreat. 

I can't wait!

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