Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's Next?

Christmas comes early to Codfish Manor:

Cold as it has been, I am shocked that I let the house get a little colder Friday night than I should have. I'm an early riser and while I couldn't see my breath in the house, it was cold enough that my feet felt like blocks of ice. As the pale morning light crept through the oaks, the furnace seemed to labor mightily in response to the call for more steam from the command center.

Later when Mrs C arose we commiserated about the chilly state of affairs. I complained about how cold my feet were. Whining always helps, a little anyway. Shortly thereafter she came in and presented me with a 'brown paper package tied up with string'. "Early Christmas Present" she said.

Fleece lined slippers, from LL Bean, talk about happy feet.

Is it really early Christmas? As I mentioned in an earlier post, everyone knows that the day after Thanksgiving is Christmas, so what's left? Lets see, in the next couple weeks we'll get those "2009 in retrospect" stories, in mags, on line, and on the dope scope. Will it also be the wrap up of a decade, or is that next year? I have indulged in these air fillers in the past however this month is a little busier then usual so I may have to be thoughtful about my choices.

Oh yes, then there are the predictions, prognostications, and new years revolutions and resolutions. Sticking with sports metaphores I like the idea of going into the new year with a forward lean. For randonneurs, we enter new territory; Same game but different if incomplete rules.

That much anticipated warming trend did show up this afternoon, warm enough to snow:

There's only a skiff out there, probably just enough to make morning drive time interesting.

And the night before Cristmas?

Not a creature was stirring.


  1. The reference to "skiff" in the flurries photo eludes me.

  2. Skiffrun:
    Life is like that, Elusive.

    But just to see how far I’ve drifted from the ‘main stream’ I thought I’d check my references. Big Web of course offers the flat bottomed boat bit and not a lot more (abridged), so I thought I‘d check some of the slang and common usage dictionaries. It took me three tries but the Urban Dictionary offers this:

    Now, admittedly the first few references are pretty rude, but there it is in the fifth position:

    5. A very light covering
    a skiff of snow fell over-night

    On reflection I’d say elusiveness is proportional to effort. It took me more time to post this than it did to find the reference.

    Dr C

  3. Would four quarts of snow be a "Galleon"?