Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chillin' Out

There will be buzz about the weather in these parts, it's cold and predicted to get a little colder. I went out and checked the pond last night before going to bed. There was a thin skim of ice out in the middle. This morning it's frozen over, completely. The fish are just colorful otherworldly shapes drifting below the blurry screen of ice. Hope they are conditioned for this.

The water temp is about 38, the air temp is about 20 on my cheapo themometer.

I worry about my ride pals. These days there are SIR riders out on a 200K permanent every weekend and othen times mid week. I got uinvitatons to go on two differneet outigs, but turned both down due to scheduling conflicts.

This is dangerous weather, not because riders could freeze thier thermometers off, but because those damp and wet roads get slick when they freeze, just like eveywhere else. Only there are not mountains of rotten snow piled at every street corner, winrows of rime ice in the gutters. And that's the problem; They don't actually look a whole lot different from when they are just wet. Combine that with the confidence that can't help but develop when you are out riding a route that you've been over many times in the past and riders can be lulled into a false sense of confidence.

It's beautiful out, but it's broken hip weather. Hope eveyone comes home safe.

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  1. Hey Codfish,
    Love the fish update. Nice photo.
    Pretty true about the riding.
    Catch you soon.