Friday, December 11, 2009

Heat Wave

On the way home from work tonight the weatherman said to expect highs in the mid thirties and possible rain in the next couple days. I suspect rain would be as welcome just now as it would be if we were the middle of a two week stretch of 100+ temps.
Early in the week I shut down the pump in the pond; just too cold to circulate water, it would only cause the water temp to go lower. At that time the water temp was about 36 degrees. But since then the surface froze solid enough that I went to the feed store to get a stock tank heater, not to warm the water but to be sure that there was a hole melted in the ice to assure gas exchange. When I pulled the tank heater out of it's little hole for this pic, I got a glimpse of our biggest Koi, swimming in a stupor at the bottom of the pond; A hopeful sign.

Since then the pond thermometer has been frozen in the ice, I guess we'll just have to assume that it's damn cold, or colder.
On Wednesday I got up early, I checked the thermometer out by the pond, it was 8 degrees. I had a long day ahead. I've been working with a the small community of Tieton in Yakima county and it would be a drive over White Pass and back. It was a truly beautiful drive; clear, cold, and sunny the whole way. For those of you who have ridden the Cascade 1200 here is what Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier look like when your not pedaling your butts off.

Tonight, in anticipation of things warming up I measured the tice thickness on the pond. 5 inches all round will probably take a little while to melt. Hopefully it will warm up (above freezing) and stay there for a while.
I know compared to some places this is no big deal but here in Western Washington most folks are not very well prepared for single digit temperatures. We're handeling it OK but I would be just as happy to get back in the range of normal.

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