Friday, November 27, 2009

Joyful Season of Giving?

Mary Christmas! Because we all know the day after Thanksgiving is Christmas … right?

Ok, I just have to ask this one question: Black Friday, really? Are you out shopping? Do I know you? (OK, that's three Q's I grant you, but all pointing at one sorry situation)

I could use a day, maybe two to bask in the glow of peaceful thanksgiving, you know, the giving of thanks. But if we have to redefine Christmas as a 30 day sprint through the mine fields of deals, bargains, seek and buy, then at least fortify yourself with the strength that comes from doing at least one ‘right thing’ that embodies the spirit of the season.

You have probably said "it’s the thought that counts" right? Well, let me suggest that racing through the mall at 5:00am the day after Thanksgiving does count as a thought, but really not sure it’s the thought we are referring to with that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ mantra. So I offer an alternative thought.

As for me I’ve decided there is a slightly different tack on the ‘Joyful Season of Giving” motif that bears looking into. Here are a few reasons this alternative approach is a better idea:

First, it’s easier! Seriously, you can do this without trooping the shops, getting jostled by bargain hunters, risking being mowed down it the parking lot, or suffering the torture of endless repetitions of Jingle Bell Rock.

Second, it’s more effective. By that I mean you have a much higher probability of getting the gift that is not only in the spirit but also in the ten ring of usefulness. No more ‘Space Needle Shot glasses, ‘I like biking’ bumper stickers, or 'five-colors-in-one desk pen sets.

And third, this is the ‘A-Rod jacks one out of the park” definition of gifting. This really is the essence of the spirit of the purpose of the meaning of the season of gift giving.

I think we all start off with the idea that this is a time to give something to those we care for that says how much we care. But it is hard to do, especially as that net of friends widens. Sure your immediate family you can pretty much cover. But the cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, work associates and yes, even your ride pals; really no matter how much we wish to share with them the spirit of giving, the system itself forces you off your noble soap box, and into the gutter that is the of the row of sale tables just behind the cash registers at Wallyworld. The ‘good thing’ just cannot happen for all those people in today’s system. You know this truth only too well when you receive that bicyclist coffee mug, the 3 pack of CO² cartridges, or the bicycle motif ear muffs. Don't forget, your frinds too are caught in the swirling vortex of crass commercial Chrstmas spirit.

Are you on the rivet? Falling all over yourself waiting to hear about the magic bullet that balances out all the crass commercialization of this once holy season?

Alright then, I’ve got you right where I want you! The secret will be revealed this weekend.


  1. Antici....

    Say it....


  2. Oh, you tease! As much as I'd like to not reward you...I will be checking in for the secret!

  3. Is this not the weekend? I can't stand the suspense!