Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Little Secret

On Saturday John and I rode out to Raymond (well most of the way) from Centralia to scout out the first leg of our route for the Dart next weekend. We got a nice century in the legs. That's not the secret.

The secret is this: For people who aren't here, or perhaps have not been here all that long, September and October are often thought of as those icky, rainy months.

To be sure we get some rain in these months (last wekends moutain populaire was a washout) but in general, locals know that September, and often much of October are really, really great months to be outside. I've ridden my best long rides around the state in the late summer/early fall.

(big news in Pe Ell!)
Crisp autumn air aside, you'll get a nice collection of warm sunny days, and cool nights. I know every place is nice when it's nice, but I'll stand this part of the country up against any other on a warm, sunny Saturday in Spetember (don't even talk to me about November!)

I'm really hoping the weather man is kind to the Dart teams next weekend, the team rides are in my mind one of the most fun to be out on. You create stories and friendships that last longer than you think. I still remember when Cory was our youngest teammate on our Fleche Pacifique ride to Harrison Hot Springs.

I flatted with about 4 miles (and maybe 25 minutes) to go. Cory, single handedly, no tools, changed the flat in record time. All us geezers, standing around holding pumps, tire irons, tubes, and Cory's done! Stuff like that you don't forget.
If you have not ridden a team event get it on your calendar!

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